Clair Bremner Artist

Clair Bremner is a self-taught artist who specialises in dreamy, abstract landscapes that speak to her unique perspective of realism and intuition. Her artwork is whimsical, colourful and decorative and this individuality has attracted interest across the world. From her spacious studio at YREC in Warburton, her artwork has developed a signature quality that is highly sought after in commercial and domestic settings. Six years ago, on relocating from the city to East Warburton, Clair, who grew up painting alongside her mother at the kitchen table, decided to ‘give painting a real go.’ With three school aged children, and a busy life, her art quickly outgrew her home, and the studio at YREC was a perfect solution that allowed her ‘to go to work to paint’ and create a healthy separation between family and business. It also created a base for her to grow, to invite prospective purchasers to visit and to be inspired and supported by the other tenants in the YREC family. “I can’t stop and I won’t stop,“ says Clair of her work ethic. Every week she completes between five and seven canvases that she sells in her online shop, through her gallery representation, direct commissions (she has several interior designers in Australia and the UK that regularly design rooms around her artworks), and licensing agreements she has established where her artworks are featured on prints, greeting cards (Hallmark is a client), magazine covers, textiles and other items. Seeing her work hanging on the walls of cruise ships (she recently painted 12 large scale artworks for a cruise line who will sell limited editions of her works) or on the cover of international magazine Breathe have been wonderful achievements. Without formal business qualifications – Clair honed her business savviness as a photographer in Melbourne – it’s been a combination of many hours of legwork and persistent self-belief that has seen her establish her reputation and cultivate a solid multi-stream income base. Basing her studio in Warburton has been essential to her inspiration, and Social Media platforms, particularly Instagram, have enabled her to gain exposure for her work in more countries than she dreamed about. “I didn’t set out with a business plan, but when an enquiry came from overseas, I thought about it and made it happen. One opportunity has led to another.” As a painter who has stablished a successful business, Clair’s insight into how to succeed is wise advice. Work hard with momentum, spend about 40% of your time on the business side of things (Social Media, marketing, newsletters) and find your style. “Practice over and over until you’re absolutely confident in what you are doing. A signature style, something people know they can expect from you, is a great base. That way you have supporters who become advocates.” “Surround yourself with creative people. I drove past YREC for three years without realising what was inside. Now I am settled in, I am grateful for the support and friendships I have made. And just ask – so many of my opportunities have come because I asked.”

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