Drew Industries

Andrew Ronalds founded Drew Industries in 2021 as a way of combining his passion for UAV Technology with his extensive experience in Logistics Project Management in the Telecommunication, Renewable Energy and Retail Construction Sectors. His business is a Commercial Drone Service Provider supporting the Telecommunications, Renewable Energy, Construction, and Real Estate/Property industries, plus any other industries that can utilise Drone Services. Living in the Yarra Valley, Andrew values the village vibe, and being among likeminded people. He was attracted to YREC because it represented those same values in the business incubator setting. Locating his business has provided him with a sense of connection, something he has especially valued in the context of the Covid pandemic. As one of the only specialist drone services suppliers in the region, Andrew work takes him to many interesting places both locally and further afield. He’s adopted a leadership position, teaching the market about the safety, time and cost efficiencies they can accrue in all kinds of business applications. He says, “Traditional inspections methods can be highly dangerous and often require the use of elevated work platforms, scaffolding, harnesses and abseiling. These high-risk activities demand significant resources and planning to perform them safely. Drones allow you to capture the same information safely from the ground.” Drone technology is a rapidly advancing field and Andrew is setting a pace that gives his business broad standing and has a direct impact on the bottom line. “Inspecting assets with drones dramatically reduces time and costs compared with traditional methods. These funds can be better reallocated into more frequent inspections and increased capital expenditure to ensure optimal performance,” he says. When he’s not flying drones his interests include his family, the environment, mountain biking, 4 Wheel driving/camping, surfing and old school cars. Andrew’s goals for the future are for his business to be successful and to be able to hand it over to one of his children if Interested.

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