Francesca Di Pasquale

Designer and Seamstress
0438 556 447

Francesca Di Pasquale is an international seamstress and designer based in the Upper Yarra Valley. In her delightful studio at Yarra Ranges Enterprise Centre, she provides tailor made clothing, an alteration service for menswear and womenswear, and sewing lessons. Her commitment to all her clients is one of excellence and personal service. “I get to know my clients deeply and provide them with amazing feeling garments that make them shine,” she says. With a career that spans decades and across the world, Francesca brings to the region a tailor made clothing service that showcases her delight in creating bridal, evening wear, day wear and suiting, and in reviving old and used clothing. She is developing her own fashion range including garments specifically suited to the lifestyles of women 50 years+ in easy wear linen and natural fibres. “I couldn’t do this without the collaboration of friends and clients who trust me to create something they will love.” While working from home has sustained Francesca’s creative spirit while raising her children, the decision to establish permanent studio space at YREC emerged as a response to a post-covid world and the increasing independence of her family as they grew. She co-shares her space with her husband Andrew from Drew Industries, enjoying the opportunity to work in close proximity but away from home. “Made to measure has been a niche market for me for many years,” she says, and today in the era of fast fashion and online purchases without the opportunity for even trying on garments, there is an increasing need for choice quality in a great product that fits beautifully. She values the opportunity to make locally and honour her clients with the incredible feeling of something that fits them perfectly. “I love to design garments that celebrate a woman’s unique shape and bring out their innate beauty and personality.” With more than 35 years’ experience in pattern making, tailoring and design, Francesca makes garments that everyone can afford. And she is also vitally aware of sustainability and the impacts of the fashion industry on the environment. Her philosophy is embedded in reducing the fashion footprint, creating investment garments that are truly loved and last a lifetime. And she also loves refurnishing garments and has many clients that come with an amazing quality vintage or classic garment with character to have her work her revival magic. “It’s amazing what a reshape, new buttons, new lining and a de-dust can do.” “I have been so fortunate to do my fashion training in Milan and also in Melbourne, and I worked in Italy as a designer and maker in fashion houses, and for fashion agents, through the joyous fashion era of the 90s. I bring all this knowledge and an eye for fit and style to this beautiful place we call home.” Francesca is also a mentor and educator and is available for sewing lessons and support for anyone with an interest in her philosophy. Her advice when buying clothes is this: ”Just because the number on the label says your size, it doesn’t mean it will fit you. Experience the comfort and beauty of a garment tailored just for you and enjoy wearing clothes that feel wonderful to wear.”

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