Lisa Vanden Berg and Tony De Keizer

Practice Management
0455 558 404

OpenVPMS is an Open Source Practice Management system for the Veterinary Industry providing a software system that streamlines processes and provides practice efficiencies. They are passionate about assisting vet practices achieve their goals by providing them with a system that covers all their practice needs. Owners Lisa Vandenberg and Tony relocated to Warburton in 2021 seeking a quieter, relaxed, stress-free lifestyle. Becoming a tenant at YREC has enabled them to also strike a better work/life balance, where home is home but work isn’t too far away. They were attracted to YREC because of the community feel and the potential to collaborate with other small businesses on projects for mutual benefit. Tony and Lisa are about supporting local businesses and being at YREC has allowed them to do that. With a focus on developing connections with the local community, Lisa and Tony have been busy getting to know the locals and being involved in the community. Their studio at YREC has proven to be an ideal location, and they appreciate the gardens, office space and private kitchen and toilet. There has also been huge benefit being part of the community at YREC with Alison offering lots of opportunity to connect with others by doing workshops, training and sharing helpful information on ways to grow the business. They hope to see Warburton and YREC as a growing community with everyone working together for the betterment of all. “We hope to grow OpenVPMS into a leading Practice Management Software provider offering bespoke services to our customers who will in turn build their own successful businesses. We have the skills, knowledge, passion and drive to provide exceptional customer service, Support and implementation services to the Veterinary Industry,” says Lisa. “And of course we want to continue to have a work/life balance with time with family and friends.” “We are so very lucky to live and work where we do,” says Lisa.

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