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Clair Bremner

Success Stories

Clair Bremner
March 2023

In the time that Clair has been a tenant at YREC, she has seen real growth producing work in her art studio and developing an international business. A self-taught artist, Clair is now sharing her whimsical and colourful style of painting, both online and in person, around the world and has successfully been able to not only survive the pandemic, but also recreate her business, taking advantage of online sales and teaching opportunities.

In the past two years she has seen her Instagram following grow by almost 50% (now 80,000 followers) with people all over the world, including the UK, USA and Europe, following her for painting tips and behind the scenes glimpses of the ‘artist life’. She also shares tutorials, and live painting experiences on YouTube (to more than 14,000 followers) and through the online training platforms Teachable and Skillshare.

While Clair has often been the featured artist at organised retreats in Australia, she is excited to share the news that later this year she will be the artist-in-residence at a 10 day retreat in Greece, which will be attended by international guests. “It’s amazing to be painting here in Warburton one day, and then the next day teach on the other side of the globe. The whole world has opened up for me.”

On the commercial front Clair’s latest achievements have been to design a book cover for world renowned publisher Harper Collins, and in mid-2023 a signature range of textiles featuring her artwork will be released through outlets such as Spotlight, in collaboration with Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

Clair has always showed a strong work ethic, relentless in showcasing her work online, promoting her art and building her presence. She still sells work through galleries; however, since the pandemic her focus has shifted. Many of the adaptations she had to make over the past few years have now, in fact, provided new directions for the future, and a platform for new growth. 

Clair’s love for painting sees her produce many artworks a month, which sell online as quickly as she paints them!  She will be exhibiting her latest works in a solo show at the YAVA Gallery in Healesville March/April 2023.

Being a tenant at YREC has meant a lot to Clair. “Having a place outside home for my work has helped me be able to step into my creative and business life with consistency and dedication.  I love that I have free access to my space; any time I feel inspired it is there for me, and I can come and go as I need.”

Clair’s adaptability, pure talent and enthusiasm has seen her grow her new business significantly. She is ready for the next step and feels the support of fellow tenants, and the YREC team around her. “I’ve worked hard to build my business, and I am always amazed and grateful that doing what I love is so well received by the world. It’s a dream come true.”

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