Erin Ellis

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Ceramicist Erin Ellis moved to Warburton in 2019, a move that was a major step in opening her art business and studio. “It never felt possible until I moved to the Yarra Valley. The close and supportive community and cheaper rents made it finally within my reach,” she says. “I had my eye on studio 16 after seeing it vacant a couple of years ago. I felt it would be perfect for my needs and I had a feeling one day it would be mine.”

Erin’s ceramic pieces are inspired by the indigenous flora of the local area providing her tableware, fine porcelain jewellery and sculptures with a unique local and international point of difference. Products are laden with stories of the Australian landscape, with Erin using her background in Design, Landscape Architecture and Land Management to inform an approach which also values the beautifully  imperfect. Each piece is distinctive and unique, adored with patterned decoration simulating valley and geological forms. “I take leaves, fruiting capsules and other parts of local plants and press them into my works leaving a forever impression of the land from which they came.”

“Being at YREC means a lot to me. I have a sizeable space and the overheads are manageable and I have been able to tweak it to my needs by adding a lean-to for my gas kiln. Being close to other budding business owners is inspiring and the community is great!” says Erin.

In the future she aims to grow her practice, learn more to improve her craft, and attend markets to share her ceramics with the world. Her collection is available through a range of outlets including local galleries, her artists’ online store and through, Instagram and Facebook. She will also be selling her wares, and taking commissions, from her studio at YREC.