Julie Ormsby


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Julie Ormsby - Executive Assistant

“What I love most about my job is the diversity. Every day is different. Every day there is a new question to answer. I love the challenge this presents me.”  

Julie Ormsby joined YREC in the role of Executive Assistant in late 2019.  She works closely with Alison and her keen eye for detail is part of what makes YREC work so well. Her role, while often behind the scenes, varies from cleaning and room preparation, meeting and greeting potential tenants, bookkeeping, room bookings, office administrative tasks such as emails and phone calls and researching ideas and contacts. She is indispensable… just ask Alison!

“I am constantly amazed by the new ideas and plans our tenants have. I am a great connector and communicator and I enjoy getting among our YREC community and hearing about their businesses and plans. Our connections are part of what makes this incubator so special and supportive. There’s difference but there is also a sense of cohesion – we are all here to grow and prosper,” she says.

“YREC has so much potential. I didn’t really know about it for years. It’s easy to drive past and not realise how much creativity and initiative is going on behind the gates. I love helping people understand what it is and how much is on offer here. It’s my mission to help people understand our ‘incubator’ is not for chickens!” 

As someone who values being organised as a superpower, Julie’s contribution to the smooth running of YREC cannot be underestimated. And she sees this as part of a bigger picture where YREC thrives.   “There’s been some real improvements made here over the last few years. The environment at YREC is beautiful and I’m proud to be a part of its continued development. What a lovely place to work and live.”

Julie is an active member of her community and feels like she ‘knows everyone’ largely due to the almost 20 years she spent working at the Yarra Junction newsagent! She lives in Wesburn with her family and has an extra special talent in cake decorating.