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Hermit Strength

“Go hard in the gym to make the rest of your life easier,” says Matt Errey of Hermit Strength, Warburton’s only gym focused on General strength, Powerlifting and Strongman training.

A Mechanical Engineer and resident of the Upper Yarra Valley for the past seven years, Matt discovered strength training as a means of supporting his rehabilitation from a spinal injury sustained playing hockey.  Witnessing his own improvements gave him a real passion for weight training and he completed a Cert IV in Personal Training in order to help others improve their own lives. 

Hermit Strength is open to people of all ages, all abilities, and all types of bodies and minds, including neurodiverse adults and youth. A self-confessed introvert, Matt is able to work closely with small groups of people providing individualised levels of support and guidance.

Matt’s philosophy is all about helping people gain strength in motion rather than just in static positions.  Small class sizes mean no-one gets lost up the back and everyone can feel welcome.

Since setting up in December 2023 he has built a steady base of both clients and equipment making his gym unique in the Upper Yarra. His small set up hosts tons (literally!) of equipment and includes a view of the surrounding mountains and loads of fresh air. 

“We always train as hard as we can, but it’s within your own limits and respects where you are at while giving you support to get to where you want to go. Weights give you tangible feedback. You can see your progress in numbers as you add plates, and therefore strength, to what you are doing. It’s not subjective, and its super rewarding to see people put in the effort, see results and feel proud.”

Hermit Strength is not a gym for egos. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with 10kg or 100 kg. “I help people train well with good technique, with scientifically proven programs that are sustainable and scalable,” says Matt.  Women, he says, have been keen to strength train for healthy ageing and longevity, which is relevant at any life stage. Clients are often first timers or have minimal gym experience, or are getting back into it. “There’s no posing in the mirrors here!”

Matt’s number one tip for good health is to simply ‘move more’.  “The stronger you are inside the gym, the easier life is going to be outside of it,” he says. “I’m here to help all kinds of people feel welcomed and see themselves get stronger, their own way. We want people to come in and feel like they belong, and not feel pressured to fit any sort of expectation. My mantra is Train hard, stay weird.” 

Small group classes ($25), personal training ($80 or 2 people for $100) and open gym sessions ($10) are offered onweeknights and Saturdays and offer full body strength workouts with some conditioning work or allow clients to work on their own program goals and technique. Clients can book sessions week to week online. (Prices subject to change)