Michelle Fisher

Massage by the River

Michelle Fisher is qualified Myotherapist, Shiatsu Therapist and Chinese Remedial Massage Therapist with extensive studies in Eastern and Western massage disciplines. Her treatments bring a unique combination of Therapeutic and Deep Tissue massage including Cupping, Moxa and Gua sha. Her clinic is based at YREC, where she has seen a significant and positive change in operations that is beyond skin deep.

“This period of YREC’s history with Alison at the helm has seen an incredible rush of activity. Alison has fought hard for us, especially in the times of uncertainly when the site was ‘released’ for sale, considered excess stock by the State government. She encouraged the tenants to stay with their vision, and she lobbied hard and made a miracle happen. We’re all incredibly grateful for that.”

Finding a place to call home for your business often means as much to clients as it does for the business owner. “Stability in a business is so important. People need to know you’re a steady presence ­– that you will be there when they need you, especially when they might be feeling vulnerable,” says Michelle.

“It’s been fabulous to be part of the community here at YREC. Tenants become clients, and clients become tenants. I get referrals from my YREC family, and I recommend the services of other tenants. You can’t underestimate the power of sharing. Even though we have a diverse range of skills and services, we are all finding our way here. No matter what business you’re in, it’s set up so that you can thrive. I love our little village.”

Michelle has not only established her business, she has also seen it grow. “Every town needs a YREC. It allows people to work in their hometown and then give back to the community by using local business in the area. When Alison was putting a case forward on why YREC was so important, the tenants estimated they spent $600,000 in the area as a result of working here. We shop at the local supermarket, go to the cafes, get our car repaired at the mechanics, buy petrol, get our hair cut, buy gifts, supplies and so on. It all adds up.”

“I feel fortunate to work so close to where I live. I get to do work I love and be surrounded by a bunch of passionate fellow business owners. YREC has given me the opportunity to build my business and improve my skills through additional study while raising four children. The YREC model has been supportive of both my business and professional development.“

“I’m so grateful for that small group of determined volunteers who got together many years ago and began this initiative. I hope you know what a great gift you gave to this community and the positive impact you have on so many people still today.”