Shona Rich

Acupuncturist, TCM and Massage Therapist

Shona Rich is an Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist working within a Chinese Medicine philosophy. She established her therapy room at YREC in the middle of 2018 and enjoys treating a steady stream of clients from all walks of life. For the first time in her life, she is living entirely off the earnings of her practice, and credits the affordable rent as a significant part of her sustainability.

Her room at YREC is also the first time she has been able to have a room exclusively for her own practice – in the past she has had to share rooms in a combined practice setting – and this has meant she can work freely when her clients need her, without limits on her accessibility. “This is good for me, my family and my clients,” she says. “And because it’s my own room, I can make this space exactly how I want it.”

The sense of team and community spirit she experienced when attending a small business mentor group at YREC prompted her to take on a lease – a big step that has only been  positive, and she has welcomed the opportunity YREC has provided to ‘be with’ other health practitioners, even though they all run independent businesses. “I’ve also been really encouraged by the success of other tenants here at YREC,” says Shona. “There are many amazing people here working in completely different businesses, but they all do well. It’s helped me strive for me own personal success to be surrounded by this kind of inspiration.”

“The setting here is also a truly open and accessible place for clients. I find I get a much broader cross section of people coming to see me here than at other centres I’ve been at. It’s more than just easy parking, there’s an inclusive feel here – everyone is welcome. It’s completely down to earth. I’m in a great position to start approaching new types of clients, such as tourists and cyclists and I feel really positive about the potential I have to grow.”

Shona’s room is generous yet cosy. It wraps clients in a cocoon-like feeling that is deeply restful. Shona has invested her own energy in the room – in the carefully chosen paint colours and restrained decoration, she has created a haven for herself and others.

“I love that I can see the seasons out of the window; the bare branches reveal Mt Bride, then in summer the wisteria covers the fence in purple haze. It’s green and light and a connection with nature that supports my practice,” says Shona. “People arrive in my waiting room with all sorts of stuff going on. I feel privileged that I can support them to live in their potential.”

“It’s good to find a home so close to home.”