Susan Mills

Counselling and Energy Healing

Susan Mills is an intuitive energy healer, offering soul healing for deep transformation and wellbeing on every level. She is a highly skilled healer and Spiritual Teacher, trained in the subtle art of following energy to release blockages that keep clients feeling trapped, stuck and misaligned, or off purpose.

After nearly 10 years of running her healing practice from home (and realising she had outgrown her own space), and in a post-Covid world, Susan leased studio space at YREC as a timely and necessary step for her to expand her business.

“I also needed to create a sense of separation between home and family life and my working life,” she says, “but I didn’t want to feel isolated.” She had explored the YREC option some years ago, but full occupancy had prevented her from committing at the time – in March 2021, it simply and elegantly fell into place.

Susan is now one of several health and wellness related practitioners who choose to practice from YREC, further expanding the integrated wellness services that are on offer to the community, tourists and health sectors. Being able to work without the typical interruptions of home life, she has delighted in offering her online classes, home and organisation alignment and private sessions from Warburton to a worldwide market from the beautiful space she has created.

Taking on a three-room, ex-production site has given Susan space to offer face-to-face workshops, have a dedicated office and a private consultation room. Her light filled studio, now freshly painted and renovated, is a warm and inviting space full of her ‘special things’ that looks out to nature, and in to a place of true peace and calm. “I love that there is plenty of parking here for clients, it’s conveniently located and there is great support,” she says. “There’s so much taken care of that I don’t need to think about, which leaves me free to do what I love most.”

Just like her work with clients, Susan joining the YREC family has been guided by her higher self and shows the true beauty of living a life of passionate spiritual connection.