Hairy Armadillo

Hairy Armadillo is a range of unique specialty beverages that deliver the natural health benefits of kombucha, coffee and native Australia botanicals. Based on the principle ‘Kombucha + Botanicals = Superfood’ the hero product is a complex and sophisticated Kombucha that provides a real alternative to mainstream drinks without sacrificing flavour for good health. Allan Sweeney launched his business in early 2022, after more than 20 years in a successful career in the field of Networking, IT and Cyber Security. Allan started experimenting with coffee kombucha when living and working in Singapore during COVID lockdowns. “I love coffee and I love kombucha so it is really no surprise that I fell in love with coffee kombucha. We thought it was so good we decided to write a business plan. In December 2021, we moved back to Australia to be closer with family and to start our new business/career,” he says. Discovering YREC in Warburton was an important step forward when searching for a suitable space and came with the added benefit of being close to a Yarra Valley Coffee Roaster . “YREC offers us flexible spaces at low cost and it allows us to readily connect with business resources and supportive professionals. The incubator model helps with professional mentoring, training and networking opportunities. YREC has made contributions towards the capital works required to meet food safety standards. Ultimately these improvements help me but will also help future tenants using this space.” At Hairy Armadillo we want our customers to know there is so much more you can do with kombucha. “Our mission is to give people more choices. We are creating a range of complex and sophisticated kombucha beverages that are right at home in specialty coffee shops, fancy bars and fine dining restaurants.” “In the future we'd like to see Yarra Valley add kombucha to the list of artisan beverages produced and experienced locally. We would like local businesses to stock our products and we are keen to explore potential collaborations. While we are starting with coffee, we plan to release low, no-alcohol 'hopped kombucha' and a 'kombucha wine' in the near future. Ultimately, we aim to move into larger premises that incorporates a taproom,” says Allan.

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