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Present and past tenants doing amazing things

Clair Bremner


In the time that Clair has been a tenant at YREC, she has seen real growth producing work in her art studio and developing an international business. A self-taught artist, Clair is now sharing her whimsical and colourful style of painting, both online and in person, around the world and has successfully been able to not only survive the pandemic, but also recreate her business, taking advantage of online sales and teaching opportunities.


Sam Knight

Jigsaw Jumps

After 8 months developing prototypes at YREC, Jigsaw Jumps launched its range of portable bike jumps to the market in August 2021. Sam Knight, the inventor behind this innovative and locally designed and manufactured product,  is now in full production, doubling the amount of floor space in his business, tripling his production capacity with additional C&C machines, and employing three local part-time employees.


Joshua Norman


Josh Norman first became a tenant at YREC in March 2019, launching his start-up business specialising in upholstery and repairs. After holding steady through the pandemic, the past 12 months has provided him with an opportunity to relocate to a larger studio at the YREC premises, and one with double doors allowing easier access for the bigger projects coming in and out of his workshop. 


Jack Gaffney and Mariana Raltcheva

Cultured Butter


We spent only a few months at YRC but found it to be a wonderful place for us to start our journey back in Australia and in Warburton. Incubation stations such as this are vital for small communities and would thoroughly encourage anyone thinking about venturing out on their own to start here with a casual chat to Alison. Thanks and we'll be in touch.

Marcus Thompson



“I graduated from YREC at the end of 2020 and moved my business to a workshop that had much needed additional space and 3 phase power for machine upgrades. A ‘once in a lifetime’ workshop in Wesburn became available at just the right time for me to be confident to expand.

During the four years I have been at YREC, I have been able to hire employees, expand my machinery allowing for a larger range of products and greater efficiency in production, and I’ve been able to establish a network in a community I was new to. The incubator model worked perfectly for me. I think it’s easy to underestimate the intangible benefits that come with working around others with similar goals. I will definitely miss this at my new workshop but know we will continue to celebrate our success together.”

Shlomit Moria



“Taking the studio at YREC four years ago was the smartest thing I could do to start my business. I was surrounded by like minded business people who gave me real feedback, and helped me through all the inevitable teething problems of starting out. There were so many workshops, classes and mentoring opportunities that helped me focus on what I needed to do to grow and how to become independent. I was able to step out of my comfort zone and reach higher than I had imagined. The YREC community helped me stay motivated and pushed new boundaries- especially Alison- she was always checking in with me and I always felt supported.

Moving to my new premises at ECOSS became a necessary step so I could grow to the next stage – more work, larger commissions – especially my totem poles – and the opportunity to expand in new directions. It’s been a perfect beginning and transition to realising even bigger dreams”.




I was a tenant at YREC for one year. It worked well for me to have my 50 current and potential stockists come to my studio instead of my home. I loved working at YREC. The people were amazing and I had the opportunity to partake in weekly training with Sue from CIRE. I learnt so much!

Whilst the restrictions during COVID and the need to homeschool my children made keeping my studio space unsustainable, during the time I was there I enjoyed the sense of family among the other businesses and the wealth of knowledge and support that Allison provided.

I am running a website and wholesale-based business and will soon be opening a retail outlet along the Warburton Highway.

My business grew rapidly when I moved to YREC – there was a mindset shift that came with moving from being a home-based business into a dedicated work space.

Sue Clarke CPA



Sue Clarke (CPA), has been in business for 4 years and established The Yarra Valley Accountant in 2014 to assist businesses and individuals, in the Yarra Valley, to meet their compliance obligations and make informed decisions about their finances and assets so they can achieve financial prosperity and live their dreams.

“I moved into YREC in February 2016 with the aim to build my client base within the local community and minimise daily trips to Melbourne for established clients. My passion is to focus on the local community in which I live and help them to understand and simplify their financial obligations. My stay with YREC enabled me to identify the needs of the local community and engage with new clients. There were lots of benefits being at the YREC business village, starting with the welcome you receive from the Manager, Alison Fitzgerald, to the interaction with the other tenants, particularly the artistic tenants who are inspirational and break the routine of finances.”I enjoyed the networking in the form of monthly get togethers as well as discussing small business issues with the others. It was also a good support network of like-minded business people. My business is evolving and now I work from home as well as sharing office space with other professionals in a couple of locations

Jennie de Varga



“During the three months that I operated my business from YREC (due to personal reasons) I found the assistance and support to be most helpful with marketing strategies, networking and business understanding. Thank you Alison.

Lana Emmerton


“My time at the Warburton Beehive was a great learning experience for me. Alison has always been really helpful and a great source of knowledge. Thank you for organising opportunities for business development for us.”    Lana Emmerton, Gossamer Healing – 2016

Ivor Wolstencroft


“Alison Fitzgerald gave me great support at YREC. I also enjoyed the contact and inspiration provided by other tenants. YREC is a great place to be if you are a home based business that wants to grow.

My 4 months at YREC was spent preparing for two Art Exhibitions in Warburton. The studio I used was perfect for this project and I hope to one day return.

Janine Turner


“As a newcomer to the Warburton area, we found YREC provided us with access to an established business community and networks which would normally take a considerable amount of time to build. We particularly liked the free access to the meeting room facilities in the Business Centre to run classes & workshops and the tenant get-togethers which gave all tenants an opportunity to network and find out about the varying skills available within the YREC Business Centre. Leasing a room at the Beehive provided me with a room in a safe and secure environment/building as well as opening up opportunities to work with the other practitioners by combining our services that wouldn’t normally be possible as a sole practitioner (Massage for 3 / Pamper Packages).

We found Alison very friendly and helpful, she was always open to our idea’s and ready to pass on information or offer advice in relation to our business or services offered in the Warburton area. Alison also went to great efforts to organize workshops relevant to small businesses for the tenants which we found to be very beneficial. Another benefit we liked was notification of the upcoming workshops and events prior to them being opened up to the general public. I would highly recommend YREC for any new business venture or for a business that is looking to move out of the home and into leased premises.”

Michael Creigh


“Working for myself can sometimes be quite isolating, it was great to have like-minded people to step outside and have a coffee and a chat with. A great community for people who want to get things done.” 

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