Beauty on the Yarra

Kylie Temple

Beauty Services
0431 540 623

Kylie Temple launched her beauty services business, Beauty on the Yarra, in May 2023. A qualified beauty therapist with more than 20 years’ experience in the beauty industry, Kylie saw a gap in the Warburton market and decided to set up a dedicated beauty space at YREC to help her re-enter the workforce after taking some time away to parent her three children. Kylie is offering a range of services, including waxing, tinting, pedicures, manicures and spray tans and as she establishes a clientele, she will extend her service offer to grow her business. Having owned her own salon in the past, and managed several more, Kylie was keen to establish a business that allowed her to use her passion, skills and qualifications and to work locally, and around the needs of her children. “My goal is to put the beauty into Warburton. I am talking with clients to understand what they need, and I want to treat people with special offers and pricing, in particular students and pensioners,” she says. “I love doing beauty for people and helping them feel their best. Even when I was at high school, I would take wax pots to school with me and do my friends’ eyebrows.” “I’ve lived in Warburton for five years and I found out about YREC through a friend. I had no idea the incubator was there, and maybe I would’ve done this earlier, but looking at salons and shopfronts felt like too much commitment at the time.” Kylie has created a welcoming sanctuary in her newly renovated space and wants everyone who steps inside to feel special. “I knew how to offer great services and run a small business, and I knew I needed to do it my way. Finding YREC, and what was on offer there, gave me the confidence to take the leap. I thought why not?” Kylie is dedicated to pricing for affordability, and she uses all natural products – even her spray tan solution is gluten-free and vegan. “I’m a real label reader and I really care about what goes on skin. I love doing beauty for people – sometimes it feels like I’m not even working, because it’s so much fun.” “I’m really happy to establish my own business where I can adapt with the needs of my family, be my own boss, and ultimately do it for myself.”

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