Wayfarer Holistic Counselling

Nain Philp

Counselling and Therapeutic Services
0437 743 596

Nain Philp is a Counsellor and Art Therapist who works in private practice with a career of more than 25 years in the community health and community services sector. She established her new business, Wayfarer Holistic Counselling & Therapeutic Services, at YREC in Warburton in August 2019, and is keen to offer her assistance to the community in one-to-one sessions, group work and community support activities. She has a special interest in working with marginalised people, and has extensive experience in the areas of drug and alcohol, mental health and those involved in the criminal justice and prison system. A qualified social worker, in 2008 Nain then undertook a Graduate Diploma and Masters qualification in Creative Arts Therapy and for the past 6 years she has focused her work primarily in the Yarra Valley. Nain is passionate about working creatively with people particularly in the area of grief and bereavement support and is a steady presence for people experiencing challenges in any stage of life. Nain has lived locally in Millgrove since 2004 and spent her childhood camping with her extended family every year in Millgrove, so she had a long-standing awareness of YREC’s place in the community. A regular client of one of the massage therapists at the Enterprise, she had been familiar with the space and how things worked, and for many years had been encouraged to consider establishing her practice at the centre. “And then recently the timing was right…” she says. “Michelle mentioned again that YREC had rooms available, and suddenly everything seemed to be aligning perfectly and my instincts said yes, now was the time. I was introduced to Alison then and there and she showed me the rooms that were available. Everything just seemed to fall into place easily and I had this lovely comforting sense that this was definitely meant be.” Being able to take time to feel into the space and start slowly has been of great benefit to Nain. “It really feels manageable here. I can allow my practice to grow in its own time without unnecessary pressure and manage the transition from working for organisations to working for myself.” “I feel a sense of possibility here and that’s been really exciting. I’ve had such inspiring conversations with other tenants, and we’ve come up with all kinds of ideas for new things I can be doing and ways I can offer my skills to the community and connect with other people in the helping professions.” For Nain, the room is a great base, but she can feel how she is being already drawn into the world beyond the room where she can work with groups, and create programs and sessions in response to what is needed. “There is a sense of freedom and excitement and it is inspiring,” she says. “This is my opportunity to take control of my destiny and I’m open to the possibilities,” says Nain. “I’m making new connections, working in line with my values and providing much needed therapy services in the east. This gives me joy.”

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